P r o j e c t X

Checking Contact Form Submissions


The theme that ProjectX was built on (Barber) used Formcarry by default for the contact form (popup modal). Formcarry allows only one free form. So, we decided to use Formspree instead (keeping with the minimalist motif). JotForm is a nice contender but a heavier solution. JotForm uses iFrames, and it comes with many features we don’t need at this time. We’d like to keep this site as light as possible.

Formspree’s free plan offers unlimited free forms up to 50 submissions/month. So, Formspree will be our long-term forms solution.

Formcarry is a temporary solution. We haven’t changed it yet because the work is a bit out-of-scope at this time. Nevertheless, the Formcarry account is under admin@projectx.is.


  1. Log into Formcarry.
  2. Navigate to the My Forms page. If you don’t land on this page after logging in, click on ProjectX Avatar on the upper right and select My Forms. Or, use this URL.
  3. Click on Contact.

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